Feeding Therapy

Within the speech therapy world, a commonly treated condition is that of feeding. Specifically, the Speech Bubble team will help your child address either dysphagia, or fussy eating. Generally speaking, feeding disorders are some of the most challenging to treat. However, through intensive efforts on behalf of your therapist, and specialized on-going treatment, long term goals will be met. Take a look at the two main feeding disorders which are treated by the Speech Bubble Team below.

Dysphagia –Swallowing Disorders

Dysphagia, commonly known as a swallowing disorder, can be an extremely heart breaking disorder for parents to deal with. However, the good news is it can be easily treated. If your child is suffering to swallow their food, and you suspect they may be experiencing a swallowing disorder, read on here now.

Fussy Eating – Disordered Eating

Fussy eating can often be mistaken for other, more threatening eating disorders, particularly in smaller children. Discover whether your child has an eating disorder, or disordered eating, the difference between the two, and how the Speechworx team can help you overcome either. Read on here for more on fussy eating.

Who Needs Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy is essential to all children who have suspected eating disorders, as they can be life threatening. Thus, if you suspect your child may have developed a certain eating disorder, it is important to have it addressed by a professional. The Speech Bubble team will be able to help you through both eating disorders and simple disordered eating.

Furthermore, the Speech Bubble team also has experience with adult patients. Therefore, if you or someone you know is dealing with dysphagia or a fussy eating related disorder, please feel free to contact us now.