Speech Therapy

There are various speech therapy treatments available for all at Speechworx. Many people are unaware of the various treatments speech therapists offer. Therefore, the team at Speechworx sees it vital to map out all the areas we are able to help you with. Read on below now to see just how we can help you today.

Assessment and Treatment of Communication Disorders

There are four various speech disorders the Speechworx will address with either you or a loved one:

  1. Articulation Errors: If your child is presenting with incorrect production of speech sounds, that is presented as substitution of one sound for another and sound omissions or distortion errors in words. You may contact  the Speechworx team for a further evaluation or consult, to determine if the errors are age appropriate. Persisting errors in the child’s speech, past the developmental age of acquisition could later influence the child’s literacy development. Read on here for more on articulation errors.
  2. Childhood Apraxia: If you suspect your child to be suffering from childhood apraxia, know that we can help you address this disorder. Read on here for more on childhood apraxia.
  3. Developmental Phonological Disorder: Get the help you need to treat a developmental phonological order from the Speechworx team right here.
  4. Stuttering and Cluttering: Get your child help with stuttering and/or cluttering now. Find out more about this disorder here.

Assessment and Treatment of Language Disorders

If you have difficulty either understanding others (receptive language), or conveying your own thoughts, ideas, or feelings, you may be prone to a language disorder. Language disorders may be either spoken, written or both. We help all people tackle this hurdle and overcome any language disorder present. Read on here for more about language disorders.


Assessment and Treatment of Feeding Disorders

Within feeding disorders, we treat two main problems which may arise in our patients:

Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia)

This disorder is comprised of feeding and swallowing difficulties, which may follow an illness, surgery, stroke, or injury. We help out patients work through this and be able to eat and swallow normally. Read more about dysphagia here.

Fussy Eating

Believe it or not, fussy eating is a treatable disorder. Whilst it is a natural phase for children to go through, some may develop a deeper level of picky eating. This is where professional help will be needed, and you can find it here! Read on about how fussy eating can lead to problems later I life and how you can treat it now.

Read more on feeding disorders here.